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NavVid provides turn-by-turn navigation while saving dash-cam video.   Get Driver Safety Reports and Incident Reports with video.   NavVid also promotes safe driving with real time safety alerts and tips.  

Further, NavVid powers in-vehicle automotive insurance policies, providing better claims management and better data analysis.
We promote safe driving, you minimize insurance losses,
all on your phone.


Frequently asked questions

Why use NavVid to power car insurance?

NavVid is simple, easy to deploy, and far less costly than hardware. NavVid provides real time safety feedback and promotes safe driving habits. NavVid reduces claim review time and fraudulent claims with on-road reports that include video evidence. NavVid can provide you with on-road driving data to help deploy telematic policies and analyze trends.

Who can use NavVid?

Anyone who drives or provides automotive insurance. NavVid is especially good for commercial auto insurance policies and MGA's. NavVid helps keep people safe while reducing risk, liability, and time spent with claims.

How are you different from other telematic platforms?

NavVid is simpler and easier to deploy. NavVid uses software, so you don't need to build hardware or pay for it. NavVid is app-based, so you don't have to install hardware or pay for cellular data. NavVid can record more actionable data than other mobile platforms: location, speed, g-forces, incident video, and claims photos. NavVid will work directly with your insurance company to enable your custom insurance products powered by our telematic solution.

What happens with the data?

We take data privacy seriously. Data is stored on the mobile phone. Relevant data is uploaded to the NavVid cloud. The customer owns all the data they create; however, some limited data is shared. NavVid provides insurers limited data according to their business needs and the laws of the jurisdiction where they operate. NavVid uses anonymized driver data collected from thousands of trips to make cars safer and more efficient.
We never sell personal identifying information to advertisers, repeat never.
If you have any questions, please read our privacy policy and/or contact us directly.

How can my company partner with NavVid to create custom policies?

Contact us for more information about how to write your telematic policy on the NavVid platform.

What gets recorded?

The ABC’S LIVEAcceleration, Braking, Cornering, Speed, Location, Incident Video, and Events. The ABC'S LIVE are the main data points used to create Driver History Reports, Driver Safety Reports, and Incident Reports – recorded and reported in real-time.


100 Shoreline Highway, #B100

Mill Valley, CA 94941


Tel: 415-729-7100



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